Server rental

In connection with the high cost of high-capacity computers, organizational and technical difficulties associated with their regular maintenance and modernization by companies, such services as server rental have been developed.

Rental of servers involves the delivery and maintenance of our company’s own computing resources that help maintain the current working condition and business development of customers

We rent a powerful Blade server
HP ProLiant BL p-Class (BL20p, BL30p, BL40p), Sun Fire B100s/B100x/B200x Blade Server и Fujitsu-Siemens BX600.

Rent a server

Blade servers allow

  • reduce the cost of the power and cooling system and increase their reliability, significantly reduce the number of switching wires, increase the comfort of system management, reduce the volume occupied, reduce power consumption and heat generation, increase scalability and increase flexibility.

The company’s servers are located in the largest Moscow data centers.

In each case, thanks to the modular structure, we can choose the optimal solution and are ready at any time to increase the server’s performance. Such servers are urgently needed for highly loaded projects that require serious computing power and professional services. Among such projects are mathematical modeling, scientific tasks, computational search.

In addition, serious computing resources require projects related to the maintenance of a significant number of users. These are projects related to the provision and maintenance of Internet services, the provision of hosting, application servers, work with distributed databases. One of the most popular services is the system for creating and managing virtual servers. Our customers can rent Blade servers and organize their own business.

1Gb-channel connected to the Internet
Ability to configure BGP
Required number of IPv4 blocks for work
Location in the largest Moscow data centers