Terms such as SEO, SMO, SMM today are not only some fashionable words, but also important business tools. Now not only Western, but also our domestic companies realize that they not only need to be present on the Internet, but also promote their brand, goods and services in social media and social networks.

The modern understanding of successful business is, first of all, successful and productive communications with target consumers, more broadly – with target groups of the public.

There is one danger of SEO, SMO, SMM is that these tools sometimes turn into fashion. We insist that they be used professionally and offer their services here.

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SEO (search engine optimization)

is nothing more than search engine optimization. It provides for the optimization of the content of the site under the algorithm of the search engines. The ultimate goal of SEO is to bring the site to the leading positions in search, in the issue of critical key queries. SEO is divided into SEO-optimization and SEO-promotion.

The first involves working with the site, in particular, with design, usability, material structure, speed of loading pages, etc. The overriding goal is to make the site enjoyable for robots and user-friendly.

SMO (Social media optimization)

is the optimization of the site for social networks and social media. This tool involves the creation of such materials that would not only interest the representatives of the target group, but also encourage them to share them with other users.

Despite the seeming simplicity, social media is fraught with a huge number of nuances, not knowing which companies, squandering huge budgets, do not achieve the desired result.

SMM (Social media marketing)

This is exclusively marketing work in social networks.

The aim of SMM is to get visitors interested in the target group with their own themes and, ideally, attract them to the site.